"Family Plan Support Group"

When Net10 Wireless introduced their new family plans, they asked us to produce content to answer frequently asked questions on their website. We decided to have a bit of fun with it, and hired kid actors to answer the questions, scripting the answers to give the kids some very grown up dialog with a twist. Instead of “when I was your age,” these cute kids reprimanded adults with "when you were my age." There are many difficulties that you might expect and some you might not expect when dealing with child actors. There’s only so many hours kids can be on set, you have to hire an on-site tutor, and of course give the kids plenty of breaks. Luckily for us, a day of intensive casting (seeing well over a hundred kids) left us with 4 incredible kids that left the entire crew shocked with their talent with delivery and teleprompter skills. I guess these kids are used to doing their homework.